Why Muslims despise The Cross

Posted at Jihad Watch, “Raymond Ibrahim: Why Easter Brings Out the Worst in Islam”

via Raymond Ibrahim: Why Easter Brings Out the Worst in Islam


I add to the above excellent work of Mr. Ibrahim, the reason “Easter Brings Out the Worst in Islam” and in those who adhere to that belief system is  because of what it points to, what it commemorates; and that is The Cross and the work accomplished there.

For that reason, Muslims—the true believers among them—despise the cross. It, and all those who cherish it and the work done thereat.

Because, the Cross of Christ, as the old G.T. Haywood  hymnal relates, “On Calvary’s Hill of Sorrow, where sin’s demands were paid, and rays of hope for tomorrow, across our path were laid”—that Cross, that concept stands solid in declaring categorically false the message of salvation of the soul brought by the alleged “Prophet of Islam.”

The Message from “The Cross,” it speaks, still to this day, to hearts and souls of all who will give ear to it. It speaks of Love, it speaks of forgiveness, it speaks of Grace—unmerited favor—shed on mankind by their Creator.

It speaks of mercy, of man, stained with sin, cleansed, and made whole and acceptable into the presence of the Most High. It speaks of love for fallen humanity, love that spans time, all the vicissitudes encountered therein, Love that traverses miles, walls, reaching, searching for one hungering to know the God who made him/her.

It speaks of opportunity opened to mankind to know and love their Creator, show that love, not by hating and subjugating or killing all who fail to share that love—as Islam commands—but by loving others as you love yourself.

For that reason, Muslims despise Easter and all who commemorate it.








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