What happened in Vegas…

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(On all clips following below, make sure, all start at their beginning.)

What America now is.

What we best not soon forget, and pretend, did not happen here.

Moreover, what all too many in the media, beyond, as far as I have noticed, Tucker Carlson; and in our elected officials, seemingly, lack the will, gut, and courage to focus on until it is damn well clear, what precisely happened in Vegas.

Life, in war-zone U.S.A….:


Route 91 Harvest Festival 2017 Las Vegas
emily crz





RAW VIDEO: Wellington resident records deadly Las Vegas shooting





Vegas Route 91 Shooting front left side of venue
Crystal Edivan





In the following flick, in the final minutes of the post, Lisa states, among the reasons she posted this is because she believes we need to be talking about what happened in Vegas.

I note, we cannot talk about it if we refuse to think about it.

Moreover, dig to discover, why is it the story we have been fed, thus far, on just what went down there that night, beyond the dead and the wounded, is, thus far, one only rich with the scent of steaming garbage?

Talk about it? talk? thus think, ponder, what happened in Vegas…?

Please listen to “lisa wehring” tell you what she and others experienced in Vegas…:


Route 91 Festival, Sunday. In my words.
lisa wehring



“Our Father who art in heaven …



Pray for Vegas, Pray, for America…


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