Salah Abdeallah, “hiding in plain sight”: Citidal a la Ummah

Salah Abdeallah, “hiding in plain sight”: Citidal a la Ummah

(By Debi Brand, Originally Posted in full at Islam Exposed)

On 18 March, 2016, Brussels and French police found and arrested missing since last November “ringleader” of the 2015 November terror hits in Paris, Salah Abdeallah;  found him, as they put it, “hiding in plain sight.”

Speaking to the same, 23 March 2016, Mailonline featured an article written by one Jake Wallis Simons, “City of Jihad: Chilling map reveals how Isis fanatics established network of terror where they could plot under noses of police,” in which the writer delineates how, in short, a small band of Islamic brothers, childhood friends, brought Europe “to its knees.” 1

Did so via terror. Did so obeying Allah, thus did so obeying “Allah’s Messenger,” thus did so following sunnah of that messenger.

What’s more, they did so aided by the medium of the nursery and garden, if you will, in which they were planted, sprouted, rooted, and matured in–their Islamic community: Citadel a la Ummah; therein, they planned and prepared their actions of terror.

In other words, just as seeds, if they are to know fruition of the “fruit” within them, demand, from germination through fruition, proper care, agreeable climate, arable soil, water, and protection from potential destructive elements, so it is with the Muslim fit and willing to answer the Islamic obligation for violent armed jihad.

In the words of Hilary Clinton, “It takes a village.”

And that “village,” that needed environment, the Islamic community provides.

How such a thing can happen stuns many.  How can a “peace-loving,”  supposed, God-fearing, Muslim community provide the necessary environment that ensures, in the “soil” of hearts and minds within their community, the life, and death, in the seeds of their faith-system survive, as noted above, from germination to fruition?

One will only know such wonder if one is unfamiliar with the guidance in the “Book” the Muslim regards as sacred. The book that defines the Citadel a la Ummah. The “Book” that bears out fear of “Allah” in place of fear of God.

In that “Book” we read as follows: “You who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in command among you. If you have a dispute about something, refer it back to (the Book of) Allah and the Messenger [himself, while he was alive, and then to his Sunna].”
( 4:59) 2

Therein we read …:Read the rest at:  Islam Exposed: Salah Abdeallah, “hiding in plain sight”: Citidal a la Ummah

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