Ramadan: once more, Islam in living color

By Debi Brand

As fresh reports daily accumulate at Jihad Watch of this years harvest of lives, carnage, and bloodshed in Ramadan 2017, looking back, we note, only the details of the attacks change: places, times, names of the victims, so too of the perpetrator, and perhaps the method of attack executed.

But the basic action remains the same: Book of Allah, enacted, once again, if not daily than darn close to it–today’s episode of Islam, on our screens, in living color.

There, courtesy of the Soldiers, citizens, and patrons of Muhammad’s ummah.

Here following, excerpt from “Ramadan in Bangladesh: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” take hostages in restaurant”


Islam, of which, all those with ears to hear, hear daily, across this globe in every nation, the steady cadence of the soldiers thereof.  Marching, marching, openly or covertly, bearing their din to its Allah-assured ascendency.

Yet even now, I hear, “This is not Islam.” Love, kindness, peace, turning the other cheek, guided by other than Allah and his messenger, this is Islam.

To which I simply state, Fools! Only fools make the above sunnah-of- the-prophet-absent peaceful claims of Islam, only fools believe such.

Nonetheless, keep on if you are so hell-bent to be either too lazy or too cowardly to learn the facts on Islam. Keep on thus believing such lies.

Keep on buying and selling such lies. Keep to your suicidal ignorance and cowardice.

Keep on empowering your imaginary “Moderate Islam” and the “Moderate Muslims” born of that Islam, and soon you will hear the sound of your boss, your mayor, your governor, your President, as he/she begs those who trust him/her for their safe-keeping, beg, “Citizens, please, shelter in place.”

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