Omar Siddiqui Mateen obeyed Allah

Below, excerpt from  Islam Exposed: Omar Siddiqui Mateen obeyed Allah


In summary, in the early morning hours of 12 June 2016, in the early days of Ramadan 2016, honoring the tenets of his “religion,” enjoying the freedom in our nation to do just that, America- born devotee to Allah, thus follower of Muhammad, prayed his prayers, and in his words, for “his country,” Islamic State, killed and was killed.

In other words, true to his title in his name—“Siddiqui—Mateen neither hesitated nor doubted as to the truthfulness of the commands of the “Messenger of Allah,” but in full obedience to them, from his Bismillah to his dying in the way of Allah, Mateen obeyed “Allah.”

Did so, following that “Straight Path,” as spoken to above in what is indeed remembrance of Allah: Mateen knew and understood “the commandments of his Lord,” therefore, with respect to the “tasks” provided in the contract that the believer has with “Allah,”Mateen performed “these tasks exactly in the manner He [Allah] has prescribed.”

Therefore, 12 June 2016 Sunday morning’s slaughter in Orlando.

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