From Numerous Eyewitnesses to the carnage from the Attack: What happened in Vegas

Posted here by Debi Brand

Once more, with heart, thoughts, soul, and prayers, on what happened in Vegas. And on those it happened to…

Reason: because what happened in Vegas, in truth, happened to all of us here in war-zone U.S.A.; and because, it is most certain, in this instance, what happened in Vegas will by no means stay in Vegas.

The dead from this Attack are our dead, the wounded, our wounded, and the, for good reason, terror-shaken, our terror-shaken.

In brief …

For anyone who is spending or has spent time digging through and past the B.S. story in this Attack—the story, thus far, fed to us by our elected officials, our mainstream medias, so too, by the “Law Enforcement” Officials there in Vegas in charge of the “Investigation”– it is clear, the story fed to us thus far is garbage.

As I posted at another post at this blog, in the following clips, is, “What we best not” pretend did not happen here, “What we best not soon forget” did, can, and almost certainly will again happen here in war-arena U.S.A.

In this present war we are in, wherein, civilians are, from our enemies perspective, legal legit combatants, thus, legal targets; only fools will believe that our streets will go unscarred from the common carnage of the war-zone.

Pray for Vegas. Pray for America… Live aware, live circumspectively…








The following is a must-see, from stem to stern.

The work that Patrick Hostis has done in the following clip, revealing what went down in Vegas, from the mouths of those who were there and endured the carnage that horrific Sunday night, if you care about your life, if you care about the lives of your loved ones, you need to view, in its entirety, this clip.

Therefore, courtesy of Patrick Hostis:


CODE RED 2-What the Witnesses Saw
By, Patrick Hostis, Published on Oct 21, 2017


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