“Neither my people nor the others know of my Islam.”

By Debi Brand


Snapshot of a “meaningless,” clearly, “accidentally”  included precedent included in the chronicles of the deeds of the alleged “Messenger of Allah”:


A Record of Nu ‘aym B. Masud

‘Abdullah b. ‘Asim al-Ashja ‘i related to us from his father from Nu’aym b. Mas ‘ud, who said: The Banu Qurayza were a people of nobility and property while we were an Arab people possessing neither dates nor grapevine. Rather we were a people of sheep and camels. I used to go to Ka ‘b b. Asad’s and stay with them for days, drinking their drink and eating their food. Then they would load dates for me on my beast, and I would return to my family. When the factions marched against the Messenger of God I marched with my people. I had my religion and the Messenger of God was aware of it. The factions stayed until my neighborhood was affected by drought; the sheep, horses and camels were destroyed, and God most high flung Islam into my heart. I concealed my Islam from my people, and set out until I came before the Prophet between Maghrib and ‘Isha and found him praying.

When the Prophet saw me, he sat up and said, “What brings you O Nu ‘aym?” I said, “Indeed I came trusting you. I testify that what you have come with is the truth. Command me with what you wish, O Messenger of God, for by God, you will not order me but I will fulfill it. Neither my people nor the others know of my Islam.” He said, “ If you can hinder the people, hinder them!” He said: I said, “I will do so. But, O Messenger of God, I will speak untruths, so permit me.” He said, “You are free to say what you will.”


Then Nu ‘aym set out to the Ghatafan …. And he was one of them so they trusted him.

(al-Waqidi, Kitab al-Maghazi, Routledge, 2011, P. 235.)


Therefore, the record relates, by concealing his Islam, by use of deceit and treachery, Nu ‘aym earned the right to boast, “I held back the factions from each other until they dispersed in every direction. I was the trustee of the Messenger of God over his secrets.” The record thus affirming, ” Nu ‘aym was a true Muslim….” (Ibid.)

In other words, when it serves the cause of Islam, conceal your Islam, lie as you wish to, and then, when the moment is right, for the Cause of Allah, execute and expose via your actions, your Islam.

Obey “Allah,” obey “His Messenger,” obey “those in command”:


You who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in command among you [(rulers when they command you to obey Allah and His Messenger)]. If you have a dispute [and disagree] about something, refer it back to [the Book of] Allah and the Messenger [himself, while he was alive, and then to his Sunna, in order to search out the right answer], if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. That [(referring to the Book and Sunna)] is best thing to do and has the best result. [That is better than dispute and speaking from mere opinion.]

(Surat an-Nisa 4: 59, al-Jalalayn, Tafsir , A. Bewley, Dar Al Taqwa Ltd, 2007)


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