Machete-swinging-Muslim strikes fear in the hearts of Bolivians

The above, posted at Jihad Watch, provides one more clear example of a good Muslim being just that, thus following the “way of the prophet.”

Shocking—is it not!?: Muslims following the actions of their alleged “Prophet,” just as they are Qur’an-commanded to do.

While cowards and fools in face of Islam pretend that Islam is other than following the actions of the alleged “Prophet of Islam,” those who study Islam know, Islam is, in short, “the way of the prophet.”

And that alleged prophet—whom all Muslims are commanded to emulate, to the letter—he went to Medinah as a refugee, and in no time, he was calling the shots. Commanding the Jews of the Banu Nadr: “Leave my land. I have granted you a period of ten day.”

Promising them—much like this machete-swinging-Muslim is doing—“Whoever is seen after that, his head will be cut off.” (Waqidi, and others.)

via Video from Bolivia: Machete-wielding Muslims strike and threaten Bolivians, claiming to own their land

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