More fool-headed payments in our effort to exculpate Islam

As Robert Spencer speaks to over at Jihad Watch, at Camp Shaheen, “Afghan soldier opens fire on US troops, injuring three.”

As I speak to in Unforgivable Negligence, once more, in this our latest “green-on-blue” attack absorbed, blood and flesh we lay on our altar of sacrifices for the alleged “soul” of Islam.

As we, along with the “Moderates,” do our level best to scrub Islam free of Islam—Islam  as the authoritative works of it show it to be, which is Islam as the alleged “Messenger of Allah” lived it, preached it, built it.

Thus, Islam as disclosed by the “Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger.”

Why do so many so-called Muslims want little, if anything at all, to do with what is written in the alleged “sacred” shari texts?

Why are there so many willing fools and cowards among us who, in face of Islam, are willing to pretend what is written in the above stated works is not written there?

People, prepare you sons and your daughters, prepare, to the best of your ability to do so, your homes, and hearts for the cost we are willing to pay, the spade to the heart, the home, the life, we are willing to accept, to “salvage,” beautify, and exculpate the “soul” of Islam.

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