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Compelled to tell what I have learned of Islam


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My name is Debi Brand (dl, for short).

Reason for this blog is this:  As did many an American, the morning of 9/11, I woke to the realization, individuals who followed the faith system we know as Islam, had attacked our homeland, and in that attack killed over 3000.

Therefore, as did most Americans that morning, I knew, we were a nation on our way to war. Thus, I was keenly aware, as is common in war, simply put, people die. Others are severely maimed. Hearts, lives, bodies, and homes torn asunder.

As is common with most Americans, I will never forget that horrific morning…

While the towers were crumbling, I was thankful I was alone. Because I too crumbled…

Did so, in prayer, mainly wordless, voiceless prayer—except for the words, except for the voice of my tears, which, only God hears and records.

I wept, and I prayed for any lives still alive beneath the crumbled towers, and for the homes yet to or already receiving the news of the loss of their loved one… Did likewise for the first responders there, likewise, for the Military troops and the homes and hearts tied to them …

That morning, through the eyes of my soul, I could see many a dispatched death angel– walking, as it were, down through the streets of our cities, down our country roads and byways, headed to a home bearing the news no home neither wishes for nor wants to receive. Bringing the horrible, heart-wrenching, soul-piercing news: their loved-one–with breath, vigor, verve, and dreams–never again, on this side of life, would they see or hold them.

Moreover, it was clear, the work of those angels would not end after delivering the news of those who left this world the morning of 9/11. No sir. Because we would answer this hit. Thus, soon, Troops would be deployed. Thus, soon, all Military homes would be in line for those possibly to be visited by the death angels charged with “carrying home” this war’s dead.  With a son in the Army, we were in that line-up.

Therefore, regarding the soberness of such a payment sure to be paid by many; mindful, such a payment is, to say the least, an inimitable cost to pay thus should not be paid to the wind; I was compelled to learn as much as I possibly could of just who it was that had hit us that day. Who was it our troops would be dispatched to fight and defeat.

Knowing, if one is to defeat a foe, elementary in that effort is the need to know that foe. What drives him. What guides him. What, if anything, breaks him. To find that out and thus make it known, I made my second job.

Therefore, my study of the driving force behind the Muslim fighter began in the letter reportedly found in a suitcase left behind by Muhammad Atta.

In that letter, among other detailed instructions for the “operators” in that hit, “Read Surat al-Tawba, and Surat al-Anfal — understand their meanings and understand what God had prepared for the faithful….” So too, “Obey God and his Prophet….”

Therefore, therefrom, I made it my duty to find out just what was and what was in “Surat al-Tawba, and Surat al-Anfal.” I set out determined to know, precisely what were the orders from “God and his Prophet” the Muslims were commanded to follow. Obviously, to follow not just the morning of 9/11 but all days and nights of their lives. I set out to find out, had the operators that morning followed the commands and instructions in their “sacred text.”

Resultant from that quest, what I have learned of Islam therein compels me to make known, to the best of my ability to do so, those details.  Thus, serving that obligation, with the product  that that effort and discipline produced, the pages of this blog.





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